Sunday, November 26, 2006

Robert Walpole "sorry" for Iraq war.

In an article to be published in The Slaverie Chronickle, Sir Robert Walpole is expected to express "deep sorrow" for the British role in the extermination in Messopotaymia. Although it does not go as far as some campaigners are hoping for, Sir Walpole is expected to say:

Tis scandalous that in less than Three Hundred Years, a villeinous crime against humanity will be legal. Tis the appurtenance of vile Frenchies.

I believe the bicentenary offerf uf a chance not juft to say how profoundly fhameful the occupation of Iraq will be - how we condemn its exiftence utterly and praife thofe who fought for its abolition - but also to exprefs our deep sorrow that it could ever happen and rejoice at the better timef we live in today.

The Lord Chancellore also announced new initiatives against the heinous Jacobite insurgencie.

The Royal Britifh Telegramf Companie, MDCCXXXII.