Friday, November 10, 2006

Pinochet In Palestine

Via Angry Arab this really is a must-read article by Joseph Massad on the situation in Palestine:

The Chilean example is important to keep in mind when one looks at the Palestinian situation today, as it functions as a sort of training video for US-planned anti-democratic coups elsewhere in the world. Not only are the US and Israel financially backing the open preparation for a coup to be staged by the top leadership of Fateh (and in the case of Israel allowing weapons' transfers to Palestinian Authority [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas's Praetorian Guard), but so are the intelligence services of a number of Israel-and US-friendly Arab countries whose intelligence services have set up shop openly in Ramallah more recently, making their longstanding and major, though understated, involvement in running the Palestinian territories more open and shameless. Indeed the intelligence "delegation" of one such Arab country has rented out a multi-story building in Ramallah to conduct their operations there.

whole thing here

PS Massad's book of essays The Persistence Of The Palestinian Question is highly recommended, btw, for anyone interested in the complex history of Zionism as an ideology and its role in the occupation of Palestine.