Friday, October 06, 2006

Veil fetishism.

Wikipedia reports a sharp rise in veil fetishism in recent years. Those recently horning in the veil, of course, include our former Foreign Secretary, Mr Straw. As he explains it "I, er, ahem, simply want to see you properly to, er, hehe, have better communication, um, because, er, ultimately, if you peel that garment off, we can, er, hehehe...". And with that fascinated Orientalist gaze, he gulps, mops his brow, and fidgets under his desk. Poor Mr Straw is not alone in his bizarre obsession: as Chabert notes, it seems that there is a growing international industry devoted to it. Indeed, Ellis Sharp reminds us that nineteenth century poets were not immune to it.

What can be done to treat this unfortunate ailment?