Sunday, September 17, 2006

Death Squads in Iraq: they're very concerned.

The LA Times reports this morning on the situation of some recent mass killings by death squads in Iraq. They note the usual gruesome and disgusting effects left on tortured bodies: drillholes and slash marks for the most part. The article despairingly describes how so many of these killings are vague in origin - no one knows shit and no one is talking, least of all the dead guys. And yet:

U.S. officials are concerned that the killings may have been committed by Shiite-dominated government security forces in areas already secured by U.S. and Iraqi troops — inside jobs, in effect.

These would be the government security forces built up by the CIA and Steve Casteel, a long-time US intelligence hand? And no one knows who's doing the killing, eh? The US government openly announces its plans, allows it to be reported from time to time, and still no one has any clues out there as to what is happening? The US goes in, secures an area, then leaves its guys in charge, who then go on to kill hundreds of people, and all is a mystery?

US officials are "concerned". I bet they are. I bet they keep themselves up all night, sick with worry.