Friday, September 22, 2006

Crashing Manchester tomorrow.

Mad for it, yeah. If you non-Mancunians haven't already got your ticket to go to Manchester tomorrow, it can still be done. Check out the march route here.

We now know how hollow Harriet Harman's promise of healthy 'debate' at the Labour Party conference was. The vast bulk of resolutions from Constituency Labour Parties have been blocked, thus ensuring that the government faces no criticism over council housing, the wars, nukes, benefits etc. The only sound of dissent will come from massive crowds outside.

Meanwhile, the UN reckons Iraq torture is worse than under Saddam and anyone who tries to help a wounded man lying on the streets of Baghdad may soon be dead. The Republic of Fear is back, and worse than ever. The imperial project is weak, however. They can't possibly get enough troops to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, and so they can't really win. The level of car bombings directed at US troops in Iraq is spiralling upwards. Support for the resistance continues to grow The occupiers can't lose militarily, but politically they can be beaten. They're throwing another $70bn at it, but realistically their control of Afghanistan relies on the bought loyalty of warlords, and their writ barely operates anywhere in Iraq except when their death squads are in action. Not only have the bulk of domestic populations in the imperial countries turned against these wars, but some cracks have been opening up within the state and among ruling classes for some time. Tomorrow's protest is not only about dealing the death blow to an unlawful fugitive from the grave, but about cramming a great crow bar into that political fissure and prising the whole project apart.