Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Workers' unity in Northern Ireland.

After reading about Royal Mail management's bullying of CWU strikers here, the following news in my inbox is heartening.

Hundreds of postal workers from across Belfast marched with local residents up the Shankill and down the Falls today showing the kind of unity that socialists have been dreaming of for years. The march culminated in a rally, addressed by local CWU activists and Eamonn McCann. The meeting voted overwhellmingly to remain out on strike.

Over 800 postal workers are now out on unofficial strike across Belfast and Mallusk, and they have been out for 7 days in what is becoming the longest and biggest strike we have seen in years. The strike is over management bullying and harassment. This was escalated by Royal Mail issuing letters to four key activists threatening them with legal action and the bill for the strike.

You can support the strikers by e-mailing: branch@cwuni.org

Meanwhile, I just had a read of this from Iranian leftists, arguing that the antiwar movement should oppose any sanctions that may be imposed on Iran, and should show solidarity with ordinary Iranians fighting back against a state that has more in common with Bush than automatically appear to be the case, particularly through actions like this. Just thought I'd pass it on.