Tuesday, January 25, 2005

They know not with what forces they be meddlin'...

Did you know that there is a small cult, or nomenklatura, a cabal, a caste of people who raise themselves above the masses and commune with abstract forces?

They encrypt their writings in strange heiroglyphs and obsolete language. They hate and fear the people, yet are never satisfied with the government. They specialise in predictions based on their carefully constructed codes, and often claim omniscience about the likely future state of the world.

Their outlandish claims are often slaughtered by reality, and they are left looking rather foolish. Rather than change the paradigm, they blame reality, or the government or the stupid masses. So pitifully indoctrinated are they that they continue to produce predictions and, like the broken clock that gets it right twice a day, go cuckoo when they finally hit the right hour.

As Rolf Harris once said, "can you tell what it is yet?"