Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Should Blair Resign?

I'd like to make a suggestion to contribute to the solution of a growing problem in the political class of this country.  That problem is trust.  The Guardian yesterday carried a report suggesting that Blair was widely distrusted by the electorate, and that most voters believe he lied over Iraq.

The poll also showed that voters now want Blair to quit his job earlier, while more people want him to resign immediately. In fact, there has been much speculation about whether the Prime Minister will vacate his office any time soon. Much of it has been froth, febrile spin and desperate headline-grabbing.

The trouble is, even if he does resign, it just won't be enough. I find the notion of him subsiding into semi-retirement, doing a few corporate speeches and then penning some awful, self-serving book full of platitudes and verbless drivel loathsome enough to make me vomit my own balls. Look, since the Prime Minister has suggested that he is ready to meet his maker over Iraq, wouldn't now be a good time for him to take that leap?