Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blogger and Disqus

Google have made a 'helpful' change to the settings for blogs, so that the URL of each site automatically converts to,,, etc etc depending on which country you are accessing the website from.  The trouble with this is that for most people it means the Disqus thread doesn't appear, or appears without comments.  For the time being, there are two ways around this. 

First, to see existing Disqus threads, access the blog using the following URL: 

Second, for now, use the alternative JS-Kit comments system, which you can access by clicking on the 'Comments' link at the bottom of each post, immediately next to the link for the Disqus thread.  The thread opens in a pop-up window rather than appearing at the bottom of each post.  This has its disadvantages.

I will take measures to solve this problem in due course.  However, I wish to make it clear that everything that has happened only confirms that my line thus far has been correct, and consistent.  The hollow rhetoric of the petty bourgeois opportunists who wanted me to move to Wordpress, or use a different commenting system, or shut my face, has been exposed to the proletariat.  The workers will not stand for their vacillating, pseudo-revolutionary leftist posturing.  And here I will make a self-criticism: I should have crushed these vainglorious adventurists, these fascists-in-disguise, these police informants, sooner.  Based on this scientific understanding, we should have a completely free and frank discussion about how to move our great blog forward.  Let no one say that I am trying to resolve this problem in a controlling, bureaucratic manner.  Literally, let no one say that.  Or I will ban everyone again.